LETTER: Massive salaries of fat-cat council bosses should be slashed

the recently announced pay cuts for council directors only highlights the massive salaries they enjoy.

What do they do? We’re talking about a council, not a multinational company.

We have councillors to make the decisions. Why do we need these fat cats?

We now have Pendle Council, Colne Council and Pendle plc. Are we paying three wages for the same job?

I read recently in the national newspapers that up to a quarter of our council tax goes in supporting final salary, early retirement (why?) pensions.


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When the rest of us are having to work extra years to draw the state pension, isn’t it time council workers past and present paid for their own, negating the need for job losses and cuts in services?

Perhaps Mike Blomeley would answer these questions, or are we being ripped off left, right and centre?


Milford Street, Colne