LETTER: Marsden Centre has been a lifeline

this is a letter regarding the Marsden Resource Centre in Rigby Street, Nelson. The centre has recently been closed due to refurbishment and a meeting was held on September 21st to discuss its future use.

The centre has helped my sisters and I develop our confidence and rehabilitate our skills in walking. We currently receive a service at the Courtyard, Nelson, but it does not help us with our development as the building was originally office space and is very small. We cannot really manoeuvre around by ourselves or do any exercise.

We have been offered a placement at Temple Street, Burnley, but this could also cause problems due to transport.

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We liked going to the Marsden Centre as it was purpose built for people with disabilities and had other stake-holder help with our physical development with input from the college, which has since ceased.

The point I am trying to make is that the Marsden Centre has helped many people with physical needs over the years and without any real explanation, the service has stopped.

We have attended meetings which have been held but no real information on the future of the building has been given.


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Carr Road, Nelson