LETTER: Lunatics running asylum over paedophile threat

Look at the harm to my already low self-esteem

Monday, 15th April 2013, 3:26 pm

I was today using the handbike at Oakhill Gym – the said handbike is positioned overlooking the Sports Hall – when into the Sports Hall trooped what appeared to be a kindergarten group with several ladies and one of the Oakhill staff in attendance.

After a few glances up to where I was positioned and no doubt some comments, the staff member hot-footed it up to the gym and proceeded to close the vertical blinds overlooking the Sports Hall.

As he did this I asked what was happening, was it some sort of paedophile alert?

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After finishing my purgatorial (you try it) stint on the handbike, I asked myself what has the world come to? Decent, ordinary people who are going about their lawful business, may not look down into a Sports Hall, where fully clothed toddlers are playing, without the implication they are perverts?

I find myself traumatised by the experience, but accept Oakhill are only following the politically correct guidelines laid down by the lunatics currently running the asylum. Therefore I have no beef with Oakhill, although free membership next year would prove a conciliatory gesture.

I wish, however, to take advantage of one of the many lawyers becoming available, following the cuts in legal aid, to make a claim against the people responsible for this sort of twaddle, on my behalf.

Clearly I am distraught and now have low self-esteem, the latter being aggravated by glimpsing my profile in the gym’s full-length mirrors, following recent holiday overindulgence.

Will any interested members of the legal profession, willing to act on a strictly no win no fee basis please get in touch.

S.P. Gallagher

Bradyll Court, Brockhall Village