LETTER: Lowerhouse Cricket Club’s double should be honoured

I HOPE the wonderful double achievement of Lowerhouse in winning the Worsley Cup and retaining the Lancashire League Championship will be marked by the recognition it deserves.

To put this double success in context we should remember that the last and only time a local team pulled it off was 62 years ago.

The Burnley side of 1950, by some distance the best in the club’s postwar history, featured such luminaries as Bruce Pairaudeau, Peter Kippax, Derek Riley and Syd Taylor, together with the great Australian all-rounder Cecil Pepper as professional.

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Though the game has changed a good deal and comparisons are difficult, it is tribute enough to the present group of Lowerhouse players that as a team they can be ranked alongside that illustrious Burnley outfit of yesteryear.

Of course the other remarkable Lowerhouse success, as a true community club, is the superb organisation of junior cricket and the facilities offered to local youngsters who want to take up the game. Ten age-group teams and a small army of dedicated coaches tell their own story.

My old Burnley Council colleague Charlie Bullas, now serving as Mayor, is known to like his cricket. So come on Charlie, please make sure this rare double is acknowledged in a fitting manner.

A civic reception is the least these lads deserve.




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