LETTER: Looking forward to an informed debate

AS a potential Independent county council candidate at next year’s election I look forward to what I hope will be informed debate about what really matters to people at large.

My stance is clear – taking 70% of our council tax, the Preston-based county council has too much say in matters which Pendle Council ought to be responsible for, such as many highways matters, grid clearing, indicator lights at the bus station, support for some bus services plus far more input into how, where, and when our schools and libraries are run.

But one of the biggest challenges is aged care in residential homes and local care in the home. If local government is to mean anything, how we tackle the provision and not expect national government to provide all the answers will define what we value.

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Do we hand it all over to the private sector, which may run things very well, but they have to make a profit so charge accordingly.

Transport, especially the case for Selrap, needs to be finally addressed. As a committed supporter of the Skipton ideal and the need to protect our Blackpool link, I will expect the new county council to be fully behind the bid with more than just words.

Then to our pro and anti windfarmers. Is it no to any or fill up our fields and hills with every application?

The same with houses – do we restore or knock down? Do we build every estate and transform our towns and villages beyond recognition?

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Our rivers and streams, water which provided much needed power in days gone by. Should we not harness it again ?

The county administration has been Conservative-led for the past four years after many years of Labour control. Please electors, look at what your councillor has done for Pendle if they are standing again and really quiz any new ones on their ideals and what they expect their party to support and innovate.

Finally, can we please leave the problems of Europe to after May when campaigning for the 2014 European Parliament begins.

Have yourselves a problem free Christmas time!!


Knotts Lane, Colne