LETTER: Localism is the buzz word

I NEVER expected there would be silence from our county councillors after my letter just before Christmas.

I thought there would be forceful defence on how vital they are to democracy and looking after the well-being of the people of Lancashire.

For those who did not read my comments, a reminder - what is the point of this unnecessary level of bureaucracy except to provide non-effective jobs fort a civil service and a set of councillors able to charge very substantial expenses, and very confusing information about who is responsible for what, which opens up a glorious chain of buck passing.

Localism is the buzz word, so let’s get local decisions made locally. The county councillors we elect next year should set about handing back to boroughs over the next four years a whole set of powers and finance they should not be pontificating on.

Then in 2017, if it is still needed and viable, its composition should be made up from every borough selecting members from councillors the public have elected already.

Finally, how delightful the letter from Pendle Council’s Sandra Farnell to point out Pendle looks after parking enforcement of car parks but Lancashire County Council’s parking services are responsible for on street parking.

I rest my case!


Knotts Lane, Colne