LETTER: Lancashire County Council can save cash on groundworks

For the second time in a year, the northbound carriageway of the A6068 between Carr Hall Road and Parrock Road, Barrowford, was partially coned off for several hours to allow a team from Lancashire County Council to cut back the hedgerow.

Why, I wondered? There is no path. Only moles use the grass verge, which even at its narrowest point is over six feet wide.

The opposite side, however, is totally different. Here, every year, the path, which is barely a yard wide and is heavily used by pedestrians and cyclists, is reduced in width, even blocked, by overgrown and fallen branches, nettles and brambles.

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Surely Lancashire County Council have got their priorities wrong. Should they not be using their resources to keep paths clear and safe, not trimming back trees and bushes, which if left uncut for 50 years would not cause any problems?

Last week, they told us that to save money they were switching off the illuminated information signs in our bus station. I would suggest that if they really want to save money, they should seriously examine groundwork and landscape maintenance contracts. From my observations, I am sure the taxpayer is paying for work that is not necessary.