LETTER: Labour making inroads into Conservative vote

I WAS somewhat bemused by the naivety of the letter from staunch Tory Michael Sutcliff concerning electoral practices (Letters, June 3rd).

I live close to the polling station at the community centre in Trawden, which is at the centre of Boulsworth Ward where I stood as the Labour Party candidate.

I was staggered to see the same big shiny vehicles festooned with Conservative stickers bringing voters to the polling station all evening, rolling up over and over again. I am sure the conversation along the journey was about the weather and football results, and nothing to do with candidates’ names, parties, etc.

I would suggest there is more than a touch of sour grapes here. Reedley has been a Tory fiefdom for so long it has been taken for granted - until Bob Allen’s excellent campaign to get the Labour vote out this year. All Tory seats are vulnerable in the present climate. Here in Boulsworth, I increased Labour’s share of the vote by 7% and look forward to next year’s challenge against Lancashire county councillor Mike Calvert.



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Labour Candidate,

Boulsworth Ward