LETTER: Labour council should look in their own back yard

I WROTE into Your Views way back in May last year stating it would be interesting what the newly-elected Labour council would bring to the people of Burnley.

Well, nine months on – nothing.

Their election pledges – dog warden, what revenue has that brought into the borough? Free car parking one Saturday a month. Then just last week I read car parking fees for the town centre are to increase. And Labour complain of the U-turns in government, they need to look in their own back yard.

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I have noticed one change, two rather large posters of the Labour council leader Julie Cooper in front of the town hall. Now I know these posters have adorned the noticeboards for the past few months, but does Mrs Cooper really feel the need to change her image after just nine months and at what cost to the taxpayer? Or is Mrs Cooper worried the people of Burnley don’t know who she is?