LETTER: Job seekers should carry out community service

I thank Mrs Franey for reminding me that the aims of the welfare state were: Freedom from want, disease, ignorance, squalor, idleness and fear of old age.

It may well be the onset of my own old age or it may be that I am as ill-informed as our political masters, of every stripe, but I had quite forgotten the inclusion of idleness.

I speak as possibly the only socialist in the village, Brockhall Village that is, but when will we dignify the payment of state benefits by introducing worthwhile community service as a condition of receipt, thus giving recipients a reason for getting up in the morning and the opportunity to enjoy the interaction of teamwork, the chance to enhance or create a CV and to feel like worthwhile members of society.

Just returning to the aims of the welfare state would provide a ready list of where the opportunities for community service lie.


Brockhall Village