LETTER: It’s panto time!

WITHOUT doubt the pantomime season is upon us again, so sit back and enjoy as we enter the New Year.

The star of this world of make believe is David Cameron who, of course, is leader of the cast of coalition partners and leader of the floundering actors of the Conservative Party.

The storyline is that they are now on a war footing as they ready themselves for the 2015 general election and, wait for it, they will be the party of Euro-sceptics. DC announced his epic plans to the sounds of cheers and banging of desks at the last meeting of the 1922 committee of the year.

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Strange that he has changed his tack. Does he really think that he will win back those supporters that have defected from the Tory Party? And for that matter surely his disgruntled back benchers won’t be so fickle and fall for such a weak script, will they ?

The man is obviously living in his own little land of fantasy pretend and the EU is there, it’s right behind him. Oh yes it is.

But don’t believe a word he says – it’s only a pantomime.


North West Chairman,

UK Independence Party