LETTER: Is this the most disgusting road in Lancashire?

Since I retired five years ago I have been walking at least twice a week, except during the ice and snow, around our beautiful county.

I have been along many of our roads and tracks, but have never encountered a road as filthy as Stump Cross Lane in Bolton-by-Bowland. I noticed last week the farmer has put up a notice saying “Mud On Road”, but the dirt we had to walk through was not mud, but cow slurry.

It was dirty last year, but on the times I have walked along this road this year it has been much worse and filthy is the only word to describe it. It looks like an extension of his farmyard, indeed the only time I have encountered this amount of muck has been when a path takes me through a farmyard.

I noticed the road passes a cluster of houses and wonder how they put up with the cow muck because whichever way they turn out of their drive they will encounter the muck and it must surely stop them walking into the village.

I spoke to one of the residents who told me they have to put their dogs in the car and drive to Hellifield Lane to take them for a walk, otherwise the dogs get it in their paws and fur.


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I challenge anyone to find a more disgusting road in the county.


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