LETTER: Hypocrisy that bacon butty offered at end of Midnight Walk

I RECEIVED a flier the other day for the Pendleside Hospice Midnight Walk on July 2nd.

Apart from the fact males are excluded from this event (we don’t all fall asleep in front of the telly before 12), it disturbs me as to why “a very welcome bacon butty” is offered to all finishers. This is cancer fuel not cancer care.

From a health perspective, no one can possibly be unaware that animal products such as “bacon butties” are the root cause of bowel cancer, breast cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

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Scientific evidence tells us 90% of cancers and heart disease are the result of poor lifestyle choices, that is to say they can be prevented; animal fats are not a healthy lifestyle choice and it surprises me Pendleside Hospice can ignore this.

I appreciate that a vegetarian option is offered but there is a victim here, a sufferer behind that bacon butty, these are foods that cry and I would have expected better from a charity in the caring business.

I think it was Albert Schwietzer who remarked that until we extend our compassion to all living creatures, we will not ourselves find peace.

Death is always around the corner but often we give it inordinate help and those who choose life would be well advised leave out the bacon butty or reserve a place in the hospice now.


(via email)

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