LETTER: Human rights gives sanctuary to terrorists and murderers

WHILE not really wanting to get into a debate about asylum seekers, because my previous letter was about the “Bedroom Tax”, I feel I must put pen to paper once again.

The incident of an asylum seeker and his right to family life because of a cat was just one example, and if Theresa May, our elected Home Secretary, can get it so wrong, what hope for the general public? There are many examples, however, of other asylum seekers – the man who killed the young girl from Darwen, Amy Houston, still in the country; Abu Qatada ... there are many more.

The ECHR has become a sick joke, even to Guardian readers, The Times, Sunday Telegraph, Advertiser and Times, and politicians too.

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To get back to the subject of my original letter, the Bedroom Tax, disability groups have sent a petitionm to Downing Street about this and other issues. How can it be right that couples who have complex medical conditions and bedrooms full of complex medical equipment be forced to sleep in one room. Couples who save the taxpayer thousands of pounds by caring at home, no privacy, no dignity, no human rights.

I have worked and supported the poorest and disadvantaged in our society and can tell you they feel abused, demonised and very badly treated. As for Winston Churchill, he’ll be spinning in his grave knowing that under the Human Rights Act our once great country is giving sanctuary to terrorists and murderers.