LETTER: How can university fees of £9,000 be justified?

I AM writing to ask the Liberal Democrats and Conservative parties to change their current thinking on the increase in tuition fees.

Friday, 19th November 2010, 1:18 pm

As a very recent graduate I was in the first group of students to pay the £3,250 tuition fees a year as opposed to the £1,200 figure students in the year before paid.

I have seen how many of the students I went to school with were put off by the thought of having this debt around their necks for years to come, especially in this economic climate where jobs are scarce and not only for graduates.

How can our MP justify the tripling of tuition fees to £9,000?

Especially when in his constituency the average earning and house prices are so low. As are the aspirations of young people living in Burnley.

How can the Liberal Democrats justify the fact they have swayed towards the Tory policy so severely?

How does this raise aspirations of young people in Burnley? The introduction of the university in Burnley was a brilliant one in raising aspirations but how are Burnley residents going to afford the £9,000 tuition fees a year?

I know your response will be through scholarships and bursaries but it is evident these small sums of money are not only extremely hard to access but are also limited to set numbers of students.

All this increase in student tuition fees is going to achieve is the most deprived are going to become even more deprived in terms of an educational right and thus broadening the rich/poor divide by a mile.

I thought the Liberal Democrats’ party slogan was “building a fairer society”. This is in fact enabling and helping to sustain an increasingly unfair society.