LETTER: Honest motorists paying for ‘crash-for-cash’ fraudsters

Having just received the renewal notice for my motor insurance, I was shocked to find it had risen by nearly 100%.

Friday, 15th October 2010, 3:27 pm

I queried the increase with my insurance company and was told it was because I lived in the BB10 area. On asking why the BB10 area had been singled out, they informed me it was because of criminal activities committed by a number of people causing illegal “crash-for-cash” activities.

I am confused as to why the insurance company should penalise innocent people like myself, who insure vehicles without fail every year, qualify for no-claims bonuses and then see our insurance go through the roof.

The people who commit these offences should be made to pay back to the insurance companies through the court system so innocent people, like myself, do not get penalised. They say crime does not pay, but we have to pay for the crimes of others.

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