LETTER: High profile convictions of dog foulers needed

We are frequently visited in Clitheroe by friends and family and, as we are surrounded by exceptional parks on our doorstep, we take them out to show them the natural beauty of our area.

They are amazed – especially by the amount of dog mess we come across! Wherever you go; Brungerley Park, Salthill, Crosshills Park or the Castle Park there is dog mess. Some of these kind dog owners even take the trouble to bag it and hang it on fences for us all to admire (all of you guilty of this please note it would be better if you didn’t bother “pretending” to clear up after your pet as the dog mess will decompose far more quickly in the weather than the bag will, which will actually take years).

There is even one lovely dog owner whose pet fouls the front area of Pendle School on almost a daily basis! Knowing how serious dog mess can be to the health and specifically the eyesight of a child, one can only assume this is a targeted thing by the same dog owner and dog!

I know this has been reported to the Dog Warden on more than one occasion but nothing is ever done about it and I am yet to hear of any dog owner caught or fined anywhere around town for failing to clear up after his or her pet. If the council is looking to make financial cuts I’d suggest they look here as no-one I know has ever seen the Dog Warden or knows any results from their “patrolling”.

When we’ve spoken to the council previously we were politely informed we have no dog mess problem in Clitheroe! I guess all relevant employees are blind if they think this is true, you only have to look over the railway bridge in Pimlico Road to see the lovely black bag “decorations” slung here, or walk down the path towards Moorlands School. Perhaps those concerned within the council live elsewhere and do not use any of our parks?

I know there are a lot of responsible dog owners out there, but it is the irresponsible and those that don’t care about their pet fouling that are ruining our paths and parks and town. I would like to ask the council to ­actually­ do something about this. If your Dog Warden doesn’t act I suggest you get a new one, because soon we’ll be covered in the stuff! Maybe a couple of high profile convictions and fines would serve as a warning to others?