LETTER: Have your say to stop more wind farms

Pendle is an area defined by its stunning upland landscape - a unique asset that is currently very much under threat from the proposed policies in the Renewable & Low Carbon Energy Generation section of the Pendle Core Strategy.

Thankfully, the council has adopted the low uptake renewable electricity scenario from the Maslen study. However a requirement to generate 15.4MW of energy from renewables still translates to the construction of over 100 Wind Turbines 70 metres tall!

Wind Turbines are increasingly discredited: they are over-subsidised by the ordinary bill payer, proven inefficient, require costly gas-fired backup and in the long term will not only spoil our landscape but be ruinous to the economy.

I would urge all readers to involve themselves in the public consultation process of the Pendle Core Strategy; we should call for a reduction in the borough’s quota for renewables, and a stronger commitment to examining biomass, solar, hydro and geothermal alternatives to wind.

We must act now because the deadline for comments is December 12th. Inaction will lead to our familiar landscape and beloved hills covered in industrial scaled wind generators for many years to come.



Noyna, Foulridge