LETTER: Great day out at opening of Nelson town centre

How lucky we are to live in this border area of Yorkshire and Lancashire; here we can sample the best of what’s going on in both counties.

So on Saturday, August 20th, we ventured, courtesy of our bus passes, to Nelson, Lancashire.

Here, lots was happening when they were opening the new through route again after many years of blockage.

Burnley Silver Band was in top form to entertain us, as was the great little “foot tapping” jazz band.

Raleigh Chopper bikes did a speedy sprint race on the new cycleway in which a young girl came a creditable fifth place, beating many of the lads.


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There was a colourful art car parade with all sorts of weird and wonderful creations on show.

Then a great hilarious performance by the “ladies” on large shopping trolleys had the crowd all in stitches by their antics.

Perhaps the icing on the cake was when I managed to win a Pendle Hill mug. This was just by knowing that Eric Knowles comes from Nelson.

We managed to escape back across the border with our trophy, possibly because my wife’s a Lancashire lass.


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Dale Street, Earby