LETTER: Great customer service at Tesco

During a visit to Tesco on Tuesday, December 20th, a hectic time for customers and staff alike, I had an experience that impressed me beyond belief and proved customer service does still exist.

I was looking for a particular DVD but found the space on the shelf empty. A young male member of Tesco staff was nearby so his help was requested. He explained he knew they were due in but would check everywhere for me, which he did with extreme thoroughness, even going to check DVD displays on the lower floor.

In this day and age I found the assistance unusual and even though the search was fruitless, which he explained with a sincere apology, I was very grateful for the help I received. Imagine my surprise about half an hour later, my shopping mission almost complete, when the assistant found me, the DVD I wanted in his hand, their incoming delivery had arrived and he had been round the store to find me. Unfortunately, I did not get the young man’s name but I send him my grateful thanks for service way beyond the call of duty especially at this time of year and feel confident that he will go far in his career.

From an extremely satisfied customer.



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