LETTER: Government cash is core funding, not a boost

Mention was made in your columns of a cash boost that Burnley Council had received from government.

It is true Burnley Council has just received £1.8m. but far from being a boost of additional funding this is core funding the Government has tried to withhold from Burnley. Since coming to power in 2010, the Lib-Dem/Tory Coalition has cut funding to Burnley by 39% and this year, even with the £1.8m., we will suffer an additional 8.5% cut. So as we have now had a total cut in funding amounting to a staggering 47.5% I am sure your readers will agree there is no cause for celebration. This of course has not been the same everywhere: David Cameron’s own authority has seen a rise in funding. All in it together? I don’t think so.

Coun. Julie Cooper

Burnley Council leader