LETTER: Give Tony Blair his P45 as Middle East envoy

In the past few months we have been reading about all the troubles in the Middle East and also watching it on television.

What I want to know is why I have not read anywhere or seen any reports about Tony Blair’s achievements in trying to help sort out these problems? After all, he is supposed to be a Middle East envoy, a job I assume is to help or advise in calming down these situations and putting in his two pennyworth in justifying his job. He was no good as a PM and now he appears to be skulking about in the background and ignoring the situation abroad.

He is always in the news when he gives his talks abroad and cashes in on loads of money but after that, nothing.

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Give this man his P45 and see him up the road for good. I wonder if all his Labour supporters are waiting or expecting him to surface and show some guts and do his job for once instead of leaving it to other people?