LETTER: Freemasons fit in with God

In reply to “Do Masons fit in with God?” (letters page March 15th)

To answer Mr William Morton’s self-confessed ignorance of the Freemasons, Yes the Freemasons do fit in with God, of both the Old Testament and the New Testament. Just as would any fraternity or association such as the Scouts or Round Table or even a working man’s club, oh yes, and the Buffs with its funny little handshakes and secret passwords, of which I am also a member, but there’s nothing said about that. When I became a Mason I had first to verify I believed in God. Freemasonry, not being a religion, has no barriers against race or faith, be it Indian Sikh, Judges, judges of any other faith or people of any other faith or occupation. Quite the opposite, unlike Mr William Morton seems to have.

Where he gained the idea that Freemasonry was just for Christians I don’t know, but may I suggest he change his source of information, it makes him sound as though he is a racist. Maybe that is why many others and I are glad we didn’t get that “first class education”.

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The reflection he appears to see appears to be one of self-conflict, self-possession and a failure of that “first class education”. “The reflection is one of human misery with famine, incurable diseases and wars”, he sees is caused by man’s self-indulgence of power and greed, not of the spiritual interference.

Again, Mr William Morton shows his simple ignorance of the facts relating to the Duke of Edinburgh, if he knew anything about the subject, he would know the Duke’s position. Again, his “first-class education” fails him; it wasn’t the Roman warlords that killed Jesus it was the Roman judiciary of the region that executed Him by demand of the Sanhedrin.


Billington Community Church.

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