LETTER: Focus on winners and losers, not good of society

Mr Hind (Letters, April 18th) very eloquently states his case for Mrs Thatcher and the continuation of Thatcherism, as practised by that other well known admirer, disciple and some might say war-monger, Tony Blair and the somewhat inferior version of him, now leading the Conservative party, David Cameron.

Far more eloquently speaks the effects of this ideology, when viewing the damning statistics, relating to the heart disease risk, in the industrial towns of North East Lancashire.

Most districts with a high risk of coronary heart disease suffer from higher than average rates of poverty and deprivation and there in the top 10 nationally are Blackburn with Darwen, Hyndburn and Burnley. The best heart health districts are, of course, in London and the South East.

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When will any party regenerate the North, bringing not benefits but proper jobs, providing meaningful work for quality pay and self-respect that brings happiness?

How? Well lets look across the Channel where they know how to invest in their infrastructure. The French build their own nuclear ships and deterrents. Create American jobs? Not them! The French utilities are 80% nuclear-powered and they build their own reactors. When we are having power cuts where do we think EDF (French company ) will be delivering energy?

The French have a magnificent road network with toll booths, providing work and ensuring foreign drivers also pay their way. They have a high speed train network up and running while we think it will take us 15 years to implement. Who has the contract? Two men with a barrow?

The French would not countenance buying foreign planes. They have just won a huge Indian contract for the Rafaele fighter plane, in direct competition with the UK and they would as soon buy British rolling stock as drink warm, mild beer. Competition from foreign firms does not win their orders but then they are not in Europe are they?

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Is our inherent problem the lack of a cohesive long-term plan for regeneration and the constant focus on winners and losers not the good of society as a whole?

St Francis of Assisi, whom Mrs Thatcher liked to quote, never said “Where there is unity let me sow division and where there is peace let me sow strife” yet that appears to be what we are doing.

Sean Gallagher

Brockhall Village