LETTER: Fly-tipping blight on back street

As concerned parents, we are writing at the request of our young daughter who owns one of the houses in Walker Street, Clitheroe.

On Sunday September 4th, having returned home from a market, she discovered she was unable to access the rear of her house to unload heavy contents from her car. Some time during the same afternoon a large collection of household waste, including tree branches, had been deposited. Furthermore, she witnessed people scavenging through the waste contents and removing various items.

Having made inquiries, we were advised by a gentleman who had removed the waste from his house he had been instructed by the council authorities to deposit the household waste on the backs of Walker Street. Considering that some of the premises are privately owned, if not all of them, we find this incredulous.

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Apparently “fly-tipping” on these backs is a regular occurrence and has been so for many years. As you can appreciate, in addition to blocking private access this act presents many risks associated with personal health, safety and environment. Deposits of household waste encourage rats; waste may include hidden dangers of used needles/syringes – highly contaminated. Deposits present fall and trip hazards, especially to the vulnerable elderly on dark nights.

However, even more concerning for us as parents, and specifically for our daughter, was the presence of scavengers. Living alone, this latest fly-tipping incident adds major concerns with respect to her personal safety and belongings.


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