LETTER: Fly posting is ruining our town centre

IT is with great concern I write to you regarding the sudden spate of fly posting in Clitheroe town centre.

Is it not bad enough we have a number of empty shops which are full of unopened mail making the town look tired and run down, but now people and organisations have taken to plastering posters over these premises’ windows advertising everything from music concerts to cars for sale.

I have taken it upon myself to identify and report frequent offenders to the organisations they are representing to highlight the illegality of what they are doing, but I can’t do this for all of them.

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I may sound like a grumpy old man with a cross to bear, however I’m one of a rare breed, a young man of 28 who is proud of his town and worried about its decline.

We have a town notice board. Can I suggest that if any of your readers wish to promote their events they either get their advert on the notice board or place an advert in your paper to legally advertise what’s going on.


Henthorn Road, Clitheroe

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