LETTER: Extra McDonalds jobs lead to more unhealthy eating habits

McDONALD’S has announced it is to create an estimated 2,500 jobs in the UK. It has promised a third of these will go to young people who previously have not had a job. On the face of it this would appear to be good news.

I am looking at this from a different angle. This will mean the consumption of cheese burgers will increase by millions. We are continuously reminded to eat healthily and avoid saturated fat, salt and preservatives etc. In America there is a serious problem with overweight children, the same seems to be catching on here, and, surely, is the wrong way for us to be heading because being overweight is said to lead to a variety of health problems in later life.

What about if the Government was to get in the driving seat and actually promoted a new range of healthy eating retail outlets, with incentives? For example, a cafe serving only approved healthy food might have a heavily discounted tax burden.

This could lead to a healthier nation, with less stress on the NHS.




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