LETTER: Don’t let homes blight our countryside

Having just returned from a rewarding walk through the countryside with my 27-year-old son, who has severe learning difficulties, we had challenges along the way.

Thursday, 13th September 2012, 3:48 pm

Two of us cannot go through the kissing gate at once, we had to avoid the heavily muddied areas, but we did it. We crossed over stones carefully, without falling... we did it. Then we got to the summit.

Wow! Look over there in front of us, hills and fields, all beautiful green countryside. Look up... all that sky, it’s fantastic, it’s all ours. Wait, turn round, look... it’s the castle... yes, we can see everything.

We stood taking it all in, turning through 360 degrees, it was amazing. We carried on walking and sat down at the edge of the field for a well-earned yoghurt and running towards us came two little Jack Russels, happy to join us, with their owner following in our footsteps. He had also been blessed to walk the path and take in all its splendour.

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So then I popped into the St Mary’s Centre and to my shock and horror all this was about to change. Houses – lots of houses – right across our public footpath, destroying everything.

We must have been standing in someone’s proposed driveway, or even a living room. How on earth can this happen?

The photographs on display were, if not airbrushed, at least very selective in showing Kirkmoor Road almost devoid of cars, which is strange because it is usually full on both sides.

One question asked on the feedback questionnaire at the exhibition was “What improvement can be made to the proposed development?”

Answer: Not applicable, as no development here can be any improvement, and I fully oppose any plans for this damaging development.