LETTER: Don’t dismiss UKIP as ‘irrelevant’

I thank Conservative Coun. Terry Hill for his advice regarding my letter that mentioned a recent poll had recorded UKIP being ahead of the Tories in the North-West.

He may have failed to see the significance. It matters not how briefly that lead lasted, nor was it seen to be an opportunity for UKIP to sit and smirk.

It should be seen as an indicator that the disillusioned public are increasingly losing respect for the main parties and are prepared to change their traditional voting habits.

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What ought to astonish Coun. Hill is that a young fresh and evolving party such as ours, which was dismissed as irrelevant just months ago, is now breaking into the core vote of both main parties.

I always wonder when and why did people like Coun. Hill lose faith in our country’s ability to survive on our own metaphorical two feet. He maintains that if we come out of the EU this nation will snivel and fold, be unable to cope. Is this then an unintentional admission that over the years the EU has squeezed the lifeblood from us?

The EU is failing, the Euro is failing, there has been rioting on the streets of major European cities.

So are we so weak and feeble that we are compelled to rely on a corrupt and failing non-elected bunch of losers?

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Paradoxically, Coun. Hill’s leader still squanders taxpayers’ money on the international stage reminding us we are still the sixth wealthiest nation. Which is it Coun. Hill – are we strong or weak?

As for the expected creation of jobs at Samlesbury, we have no way of evaluating yet how many will pay a wage sufficiently high enough to enable one to support a family.

And it would be dishonest to imply the majority of those jobs would come to residents of the Ribble Valley.

KEVIN WALLACE (branch secretary RV UKIP),

The Crescent,