LETTER: Do the right thing and own up...

After working hard and saving for quite some months we bought a new car in August 2012.

Unfortunately last Friday (January 4th) at 4-45 p.m. as we were driving on the A59 on the outskirts of Clitheroe a lady drove out of Pendle Road and crashed straight in to the side of our car.

She then drove off across the A59 towards Sabden stopping to speak to a passing police officer, admitted what she had just done and then disappeared after he told her to come back and exchange details.

Leaving us and our two young children very shaken and with a badly damaged car.

This is an appeal to her better nature – you know who you are and your small dark-coloured hatch back will most definitely have the tell tale signs of an accident.


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Please come forward.



North Yorkshire.