LETTER: Councillor could learn more humility and respect

I HESITATE to join in a letters page which is at present so full of regurgitated national party press releases which masquerade as letters from county council candidates.

But even I as a dyed-in-the-wool politician find them utterly boring! But I cannot let the letter from Coun. Paul White pass without comment.

By this weekend, English Heritage will probably have made a decision about whether to spot-list Spring Gardens Mill, and it will be out of Pendle Council’s hands. There are good arguments either way.

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It is indeed an iconic presence in the South Valley, both imposing and historic. Yet there have been times in the last 40 years when a lot of residents would have been delighted to be rid of a mill complex which filled the whole valley with appalling and very harmful chemical fumes.

But the Councillor Whites of the time were reluctant to take strong action against those firms because they provided a lot of private sector jobs and were an important part of the local economy. Nothing else mattered to those councillors.

Coun. White says he has spent most of the last few weeks “looking at the site, discussing plans and talking to developers” as well as spending “hours with English Heritage”.

If this is the case, I wonder why Waterside representatives were not invited or consulted. Perhaps he regards us with the same lack of respect which leads him to insult people who spoke out in favour of keeping the mill as a “trio of relics”!

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I wonder if Coun. White’s rant in favour of development at any price would be the same if LBS or another firm proposed to relocate to Laneshaw Bridge or Kelbrook? Of course not.

But everyone has the right to a decent quality and standard of life, not just people who Coun. White thinks might vote Conservative or live in “nice areas”.

A little more humility and respect for others might be in order. And if Coun. White thinks the future prosperity of our area depends only on the private sector, he has so far learned little about the real world and how things happen in areas such as ours.


Councillor, Waterside Ward

Liberal Democrat