LETTER: Council response could not be faulted over syringes issue

In the Burnley Express (Friday, January 25th) a story was published regarding syringes found in a grit bin.

As part of that story, comments were made by a resident criticising how her phone call had been handled by council staff.

We were so concerned our normal high standards hadn’t been met that we reviewed a recording of the call.

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The way our member of staff handled the situation was exemplary. Her attitude to the customer was friendly and couldn’t be faulted. She explained clearly what would happen and there’s nothing to indicate the resident was unhappy with the information she was given.

We absolutely did not tell the resident it was not our problem as reported in the story. In fact we explained the syringes would be removed within two hours, as they were.

The recording paints a completely different picture to that published.

If the Express had asked the council to check on how our contact centre had dealt with the customer, instead of simply asking how the syringes would be dealt with, then perhaps it could have published a fair and balanced story.



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