LETTER: Council policy on waste collection is wrong

Firstly I would like to thank Joanne Swift for the reply to my letter, unfortunately it was a standard reply and did not answer mine or the residents’ question.

I read your reply but it is not what you are doing; it is what you are not doing! To say it is a council policy, means it is a wrong policy; rate-payers pay to have the best for their money and do not want to pay twice for it. I know lots of people who recycle, as I do, but we are talking about the minority of people who don’t and why should their waste blight our town’s streets?

In this letter I am not calling the refuse collectors, as they do a good job but are let down by a council policy, a policy that is willing to send out extra teams of men to clean what should have been done in the first place, and at what cost? You do not tell us in your reply!

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I have on occasion had to call Street Scene to move fly-tipped rubbish and pointed out there are letters in bags with addresses on but as usual nothing is done. I have to admit it is getting cleaner but until the bins and bags are removed in one collection, we will not see a significant rise in street cleanliness.

So, in my opinion, the council should change the policy in force and let the bin men do a proper job of cleaning our rubbish. Nobody should have to pay twice for a service, as I keep saying. I am sure the council would not like to be billed twice for any job it had done and this is just the same.

I hope to receive a reply in the local paper and hope it is not a standard reply letter.