LETTER: Con-Dem Coalition takes Britain back to uncaring society

The Coalition has not yet been in government for six months but has already taken this country back to the language of a bygone age.

When you start hearing terms like the “undeserving poor” from the Tory Party conference, you know these people can never change Britain to be a fairer society.

They favour the bankers and their rich friends in the city by bribing them to stay in the country with pledges not to raise their taxes; and then bully the poor by cutting their benefits and telling them they must take non-existent jobs.

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This type of uncaring society we thought had been consigned to a bygone age and it is shameful the Con-Dem Coalition is taking us back there.

David Cameron said in his speech “your country needs you”; what he means is he wants those who are poorest in society to accept being even poorer while the rich get richer.

Britain cannot afford the Con-Dems if we are to remain on a path to a more just society. A society where your life chances depend on your talent and hard work, not how much money you were born into.

The battle to keep Britain on a path to a fairer and more equal society has just started. A battle that deprived areas like Burnley and Padiham cannot afford to lose.