LETTER: Complaint added to our grief

CHRISTMAS Day was further saddened for our family this year.

As if it was not tragic enough that we lost our very loved Phillip in what should have been the prime of his life, when we marked Christmas with a personalised balloon on his grave at Burnley Cemetery this year we were met with complaint.

Marking occasions such as birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries is a normal tribute in life and to those who have lost loved ones is just as important. This is why flowers are brought to graves and tributes published in newspapers.

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Why do some people feel that they have to make life less bearable for those who are grieving by adding to their misery with unkind deeds and the need to impose rules at this sensitive time?

As Phillip’s auntie and uncle living a distance away it is important to us to give a gift as we are unable to spend as much time as we would like at his graveside.

Phillip was a young man who would appreciate the balloons as much as others love flowers.

To the complainant, shame on you!



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