LETTER: Community groups should be run by volunteers

I AM writing regarding the possible closure of the Fraser Street Project.

I am a bit concerned they want £35,000 to keep the building open and help pay the staff’s wages when in Burnley Wood and Rosehill we’ve got three community groups and two centres run by volunteers.

Not one penny is paid out in staff expenses – it is all done by volunteers.

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Any money raised goes back into the kitty for the kids and pensioners and not one penny is paid for staff wages and they are also under threat of one of their Burnley Wood centres closing down. To try to find them someone to give them £35,000 will be very difficult in these current financial times. It would be a lot easier if they reduced the wage bill down altogether, possibly to nil.

Doing this would mean they will have a better opportunity for financial support.

Understandably, we need to keep community centres like Fraser Street open but looking at the financial restraints on the building with the costs that include the wages then they may find it as a setback for them.

If someone is going to give money out they will look at how they can reduce the figure quoted.

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We are all for keeping community centres open but I don’t think volunteers should be asking for wages, they should be doing it free of cost.


Lancashire County Councillor and ward councillor for Burnley Wood and Rosehill

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