LETTER: Communication is essential in local councils

I WAS pleased to see in the Express (February 17th) Coun. Neil Mottershead’s reply regarding gritting.

It is actually Lancashire County Council’s responsibility. Members of the public insist on blaming Burnley Council for things when actually a lot of the issues I have found lie with Lancashire County Council. Not ignorance on our part, just total confusion. This is where any ward councillor worth their salt will come into their own after all this is why we voted for them to help resolve any problems we have didn’t we?

There are three councillors in each ward and we should know who they are. Anyone with basic computer skills can go to Burnley Council’s website www.burnley.gov.uk where you can access councillors’ details. Or alternatively you can call the Contact centre on 425011. As a parish councillor in Cliviger, residents usually come to our meetings. If the parish cannot resolve a problem we will pass it onto the borough councillors or county councillor.

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Remember, these people will not be aware you have a problem if you don’t tell them. Never let a niggle fester, tell those who can try and resolve your problem. Communication is everything and we all have the skills to do it.