LETTER: Clitheroe is near breaking point for new homes

Steve Rush, in last week’s “As I See It” piece, wrote eloquently and accurately about a situation that will affect all Clitheroe residents.

Saturday, 21st January 2012, 2:49 pm

This is an enormous change in the character and future life in the town. Many residents are unaware or think it won’t affect them, but it will affect everyone. The proposed Standen Village (land sold by Standen Estates) will be the size of four Highmoor Parks! As the map in the paper showed two weeks ago they have designated a huge perimiter around their property to keep the new build from their sight. Shame on you Standen Estates.

Including other planned developments that have already been agreed this will mean at least 1,500 extra households. Each household will have at least two or more residents, possibly all with cars, and will cripple Clitheroe.

Clitheroe should not have to take over 58% of the proposed housing strategy and certainly shouldn’t have been “mugged” by the other village councillors as we have only one representative on the planning commiittee. This isn’t a decision about someone’s extension!

If secured it will be a massive change to our Clitheroe. We are a historic market town not a Milton Keynes!

Steve is right about the services, doctors and the high schools being at breaking point. What about parking? No businesses will benefit due to the chaos and shoppers will go out of town.

Our highways will not be able to cope. God help us if we happen to be in the back of a blue light ambulance trying to get out of town via, Whalley Rd, or Pendle Rd at 8-30 in a morning.

Come on residents of Clitheroe. Speak to your neighbours and friends. You have a voice. Please use it, contact your council/councillor now.