LETTER: Cats cause just as many problems as dogs

IT is with interest I have read the articles regarding dog mess in Burnley.

It is a problem and stiffer penalties need to be imposed on the dog owners. However, where I live, cat mess is a problem of equal if not greater concern. People seem to think cats are easier than dogs as they are relatively self sufficient and, to some extent, can look after themselves. What these owners do not appreciate is that cats have to do their business somewhere, generally not in their owners’ gardens.

The problem is so bad where I live I have given up planting anything from seed in my garden. Any seed bed is immediately turned into a cat toilet. I even have to check the lawn each time before I mow to remove any “mess”. It is also distressing to find dead birds in the garden near my bird tables, obviously killed by cats. So much so I am considering removing the bird feeders in my garden.

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So I would plead with cat owners to adopt a more responsivlble attitude to their neighbours before letting out their pet or leaving their catflaps open. I had a cat for many years and it was never allowed out overnight and was encouraged to do its business “in house”.



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