LETTER: Burnley Town Centre toilets were ‘disgusting’

I was just reading through “Your Views” in the local Burnley Express, when I was reminded about a recent experience while out shopping in Burnley this week.

Tuesday, 8th January 2013, 10:00 am

I had with me my little girl who is four years old and she desperately needed to go to the bathroom.

After trudging in to two shops and to be told they didn’t have toilet facilities (to which I think is utter rubbish) we carried on to the toilets in the Market Square. By this time she was near busting, but once in there and entering six different toilets, which were all swimming on the floor with urine and mess in the toilets themselves, and urine all over the seats, I then had to find a toilet that actually had toilet paper in it to clean a toilet seat before she could sit on it.

My daughter who is four made the comment: “Mum it’s disgusting in here, and it smells”, and she was right.

We recently travelled to The Mall at Blackburn and had to use the loos there, which were immaculate. So come on Burnley, sort it out: this town is going to the dogs!



YOUR letter has been forwarded to me because the toilets in Bankfield Passage (adjacent to Market Square) form part of Charter Walk Shopping Centre.

Clearly, I am disappointed to learn of such a complaint, but find it quite surprising that being attended almost continuously through the day, the toilets could become in such a condition without it being brought to the attention of the cleaning attendant or reported to centre management.

These facilities are in constant use every day of the week and the cleaning team prides itself in the quality of service provided. We have never received a complaint of this nature before and from my experience, such conditions would not go unnoticed and would be likely to attract multiple complainants. Charter Walk invests a great deal of time and money to ensure the best possible standards can be achieved and if there is a problem, I would urge people to contact us directly to enable us to address the situation.

Given that I was completely unaware of the situation, I can only hope that this is not a spurious complaint to promote Blackburn, at Burnley’s expense.