LETTER: Burnley FC - time to stop selling

I am seriously thinking of enrolling at Burnley Football Club’s “University of Football” as I believe there has been a positive “Flood” of applicants.

I am sure I will learn off Messrs Fletcher, Flood and Kilby how to “asset strip” a football club and how to lose players like Van der Schaaf, Alexander, Carlisle, Cork, Iwelumo, McDonald, Thompson, Eagles, Mears and Fox under the guise of trying to reduce the age of the playing staff. The real reason is that they just wanted to reduce the wage bill and put a few bucks in the bank.

Then they come out with soundbites like “it was an offer we couldn’t refuse” and “they only had a year left on their contract so we had to let them go” and instruct the manager to say the transfer window outgoing is shut, then the following week the aforementioned Fox was allowed to go.

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The statements like “we have a few firm offers on the table”, and then sign a third-choice goalkeeper and a striker who went on loan to Dorchester from a Division One team last season.

I am quite certain any player who is signed will fall well below the quality of the likes of Eagles, Mears and Fox.

The £16,000,0000 parachute payment has just disappeared into the mist this season. The benefits of the Premiership money and last year’s parachute payment, plus the £10,000,000 from the sales of Fletcher, Mears, Eagles and Fox, have gone into the abyss.

Perhaps they can teach at the “university” the well-known saying “you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” The fans know what is going on.


Marles Court


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