LETTER: Build more houses in Burnley, not the Ribble Valley

I WISH to refer to recent publicity on proposals affecting the long-term future of this splendid town of Clitheroe and Ribble Valley.

As a recent resident, I enjoy the mild climate and beauty of our local countryside and a town well provided with good schools and excellent soccer, cricket, rugby and sporting facilities.

Clitheroe is a well-managed market town served by shops, multiple stores, hotels and restaurants, and a council with commendably low domestic ratable values. I do hope road routes can be redesigned to cater for the increasing traffic and the town pavements widened by local reconstructions and alignments to improve pedestrian access within the town.

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More houses will inevitably be built, but I suggest the major reconstruction is more urgently required in our older mill towns, such as Burnley, Blackburn and Accrington, and these should have priority in reducing the daily volume of traffic at peak times between market towns and industrial areas.

Please maintain our splendid countryside and concentrate new houses in the older areas, which are long overdue for demolition and reconstruction.


Littlemoor Road,

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