LETTER: Breath test ‘set up’ was waste of police time and money

As of yet there has been no evidence of cut backs to our local police force.

To the contrary, on Monday, February 7th, at 5 p.m. I stopped outside Fulledge Conservative Club to pick up my disabled son. As he sat in the car I was surrounded by police, one van behind and one van blocking my way. I had not committed a traffic offence, but was asked to take a breath test. There was then a delay as they had forgotten their test kit. When I passed the test (zero) I was told I had been informed on and obviously the whole thing was organised. This operation must be expensive as it took an hour, there were two vans and four policemen (who were well mannered) and the use of petrol. At the end of the day the informer has used the police to settle some grievance and should be charged with wasting police time and money.

Brian Ward

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Northwood Close Burnley