LETTER: Benefits overhaul discriminates against disabled

THE blatant human rights abuse in the sad, needless case of 50-year-old widow Martine White, of Burnley, denies all legal logic and explanation.

Because, in spite of being medically pronounced half-blind and half-deaf and being a thalidomide victim, who has had brain surgery and needs spinal cord surgery, and being in constant pain, amazingly, she may lose her benefits.

Whereas Burnley benefit thieves have put on their pre-Christmas season pantomime and been Dopey, Grumpy, Sleepy and less than Snow White, and I’m not bashful to say I’m not happy with the authorities, who, on the facts, clearly need to see a doc for a reality check! This lady has been the victim of discrimination against the disabled.

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Because these penny-pinching officials have been far more blinkered than Red Rum, more clueless than Inspector Clouseau, more two-faced than the Phantom of the Opera, more off-course than Mark Thatcher on a Sahara Motor Rally and have a far bigger chip on their shoulders than Quasimodo. Because not even Merlin the Magician could make any sense of benefits being axed for a deaf, blind, widowed mum-of-four, when common sense should prevail!

Res ipsa loquitur. Good luck Martine!


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