LETTER: Be thankful for our NHS

I WAS diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2012 and the NHS wasted no time in arranging treatment, care and support.

It was after a stay at the Royal Blackburn Hospital, following complications during chemotherapy, I reflected on criticism of the NHS.

During my stay the staff were exceptional, the room was cleaned every day and the food was brilliant. I couldn’t fault any of my care or facilities.

Then why are the public complaining? It would appear that despite the fact we are very lucky to have two new hospitals, people in Burnley complain about Blackburn and people in Blackburn complain about Burnley in just the same way as there is the nonsensical football mentality and rivalry - it’s only a game.

It would appear the real problems lie in the fact that, along with all other public services - NHS, police, fire, teaching, civil servants etc - they are being run as a business and not as a service, which is about the people they serve.

Obviously there is room for improvement but people who have chosen these careers have done so because they care about you - us - society. Not about any so-called gold-plated pensions, which only exist at the top.

The rest of the staff in service work hard, under demanding targets, with more and more paperwork to meet the needs of the public for which they care and want to care.

So the next time you begin to criticise, think, because your opinion may do more damage than you realise.

Be thankful for what we do have as so many others in our world are envious of our society and services.


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