LETTER: BBC Director General pay-off is kick in the teeth

If a man or woman chooses to resign from work, how can it be right to be paid a bonus or compensation for doing so?

Monday, 19th November 2012, 11:15 am

The Director General of the BBC chose to walk away from a completely shambolic mess within the organisation he was running. Instead of being disciplined and removed from his role he did the “decent thing” and resigned. I would suggest it is morally corrupt to receive £450,000 for just two months’ work.

To me this is a despicable decision and a kick in the teeth for the taxpayers who fund the BBC.

It suggests fat cats rubbing each other’s backs and frankly makes me sick.

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It is high time people in high places of office showed some morality and stopped creaming off money for a job badly done.

Bankers, director generals and politicians are the ones who should set the example for the nation and not infuriate those they serve through greed, poor leadership and a basic inability to do the job set before them.