LETTER: Barrowford should not have to pay for return of Holmefield House

I FOUND Barrowford Parish Council’s secretary Iain Lord’s letter about Holmefield House somewhat puzzling! He says Barrowford Urban District Council first purchased the property in 1968. Then he states that later and somewhat “underhandedly”, Pendle Council leased it to Housing Pendle which resulted in the eviction of all the community user groups. Now he expresses his disbelief that Coun. Greaves is pushing for the property to be given away.

I have not seen a copy of Barrowford News, (once again Iain, Carr Hall seems to have been forgotten!) so I cannot comment on the article, but if by giving Holmefield House away, Coun. Greaves means returning it free gratis to its rightful owners, namely the people of Barrowford, I for one am all in favour.

From his comments, I can only assume that to buy back something that is already theirs, Iain favours burdening Barrowford residents with a £5 increase in their council tax for years to come. At the BPC meeting in August to discuss the purchase of Holmefield House, I made it abundantly clear not only was it totally unethical for Pendle Council to expect Barrowford people to buy back a property they already owned, but BPC councillors should have pushed harder to have it returned without any payment being made.

Perhaps both Iain and Coun. Greaves will use these columns to clarify the matter.



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