LETTER: Automated machines on the end of phones make me mad

I AM writing about Mr Pendle’s article on phones. It is a good job I don’t pay for my calls, otherwise it would cost me a small fortune.

All these big firms and a lot of smaller ones have automated machines when they tell you to press a load of numbers to get what you want and you can phone numerous times and get nothing. Most of them don’t have a number whereby you can speak to someone to tell you all you wanted to know. A lot of them tell you to press and then you are taken to a further lot of numbers. Very often, I tell them over the phone to get lost and hang up, not that it does me any good.

When you do get through and ask for an official, there is a lot of umming and arring and more often than not, you are told they are not in the office or are out.

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The only way to contact them is by letter.


Holden Road, Brierfield