LETTER: Apology needed over Sabden police slur

I AM writing in response to the letter in last week’s Clitheroe Advertiser suggesting collusion between the “village bobby” and those who allegedly park illegally in Whalley Road, Sabden.

Perhaps the correspondent’s friend has been watching too many police dramas on television. Do they honestly believe the “local police bobby” phones/texts ahead and warns residents of her imminent arrival so they can scurry off and park their vehicles elsewhere?

The slur on our Community Beat Manager deserves an apology, perhaps by the correspondent and their friend in this newspaper. How do they know the vehicles are parked illegally?

Have they checked the land registry and leases of the properties on that side of Whalley Road? Probably not – it’s easier to make outlandish and cheap comments and not have their names published.

Can I invite the two people to the Sabden PACT meeting so they can have a face-to-face discussion with members of Sabden’s policing team about the “alleged” illegal parking and suggestion of collusion?


Whins Avenue,