LETTER: A bleak 2011 is ahead of us

watching fireworks greeting another New Year, my mind drifted off as to what 2011 had in store for us.

VAT up to 20%, excluding food and children’s clothing. Well food is going up very nicely on its own without extra VAT.

All fuels and train fares rising to record levels, and fuel going up again in April, and they say we’ll be £7.50 a week worse off. How nice.

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But never fear, we’re not on our own. Yes, our Prime Minister, David Cameron, and his deputy, Nick Clegg, say: “We’re all in this together”. Really? Are they really on the same planet as us?

Also, last week P. Gardiner made a list of town hall jobs throughout the country up for grabs.

As I haven’t a clue what the majority of them entail, I’d like to put in for all of them, because the money on offer is way past anything I’ve ever earned.


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Berkeley Street, Nelson